Remember when Janet Jackson was real fat?  You should because it was only like two months ago.  Before she got on the winstrol and shredded 90 pounds in a about a week.  Her excuse was that she had to put on a bunch of weight for a role in the movie "Tennessee".  Part of her legendary commitment as an actress.  Like how in "Nutty Professor II" she wore glasses.  Well at the time the people making "Tennessee" said " ... wait, what?"  Because Janet never actually had a part in "Tennessee".  She might not have even auditioned.  And the part didn't require her to put on weight.  And yesterday Fox Online said:
Oprah had a pretty good interview with Janet Jackson yesterday. But Michael’s one sane sister told Winfrey she’d gained 60 pounds to play a character in the movie “Tennessee.”  However, insiders from that movie claim that no one ever asked Janet to gain that weight, and it wasn’t called for in the script. A very fit Mariah Carey will play the role now when the movie shoots in January.
Janet may have lost her role in the movie, but the real victim here is me, because it was fun saying she looked like a bear.  Now I just have to guess how she lost so much weight.  And don’t even try to say “diet and exercise”.  Amputees don’t lose weight that fast.

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