Thora Birch has a creepy relationship with her dad


If you don't know, Thora Birch, who became famous as the adorable little girl in movies like Patriot Games, is the daughter of Carol Connors and Jack Birch, who were both porn stars in the 70's. In fact they met while filming Deep Throat, maybe the most famous porn movie ever (Connors, bio and picture here, was the nurse, if that helps).

So, uh, they're pretty open minded sexually. That's why they let her appear topless In American Beauty when she was 16.

A few years ago there was a story about Thora filming some sex scenes for a movie, and not only did her manager/dad approve of them, he insisted on being on set when they filmed them, and then he freaked everyone out by trying to make the scenes rougher and generally acting like an lunatic.

He almost cost her the job then. He definitely cost her a job now.

Birch has been axed from her off-Broadway production of of "Dracula" just weeks before the opening ... after her porn star father/manager Jack Birch threatened another actor on set and was constantly meddling on set. Jack reportedly was upset about a cast member rubbing his daughters back which is when he made the "threatening" remark ""Listen, man, I'm trying to make it easier on you - don't touch her." It has also been rumored by people on the set that Thora would hang close to her father on breaks and not socializing with the rest of the cast and crew. Could this father daughter relationship be twisted and unhealthy?

Ok I'm pretty sure they're insinuating that she's banging her dad. So say what you will about the guy, but he must be pretty smooth. She's a big star, she could have any guy she wants, and she chose him. What a romantic post this turned out to be!

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