Women Must Now Register For The Draft

June 16, 2016 | News | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Starting in 2018 women will be required to register for the draft. This is exactly the type of equality we’ve all been looking for. If young men can be legally forced to participate in unjust wars, they should be on the front lines with young women. This is certainly more progressive than simply abolishing the draft. It does seem like women complain more and in general gravitate much less towards war, meaning if we have another Vietnam they could really fuck shit up for us. You’d have to balance out the fact that every single person there would be fucking their brains out to up morale. Also it’s clear that once attaining equal status women immediately start finding ways to take the easy route. In short they’d be assigned to catering duties while dudes went out and got their balls blown off by robots. You’re not going to see the Miley Cyruses of the world volunteering to off villagers out of equality yet if this ever happens Instagram is going to get really weird. 

The law was initiated by some conservative Republicans who threw it into the Defense Authorization Act believing it would sabotage the entire thing. Not the case and it passed. If we ever have to implement another draft you’ll hear some complaining from women on this one. With good reason. They don’t start wars. They start fights. It’s a pretty gross game, but if we’re going to have it let’s leave it to the people who want to blow shit up. Also, they should be forced to get the same haircuts. There’s no more gender. Just people down for war. 

Photo Credit: Tumblr