Ask Tyler: Charlie Sheen, Hero or Goat?

April 26, 2017 | Ask Tyler | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Ask Tyler: What’s your thoughts on Charlie Sheen? He doesn’t work in a cubicle and lives his life his way. Is he your hero?


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Charlie Sheen is a complete low life. I love that he lives balls to the wall. I love that he speaks his mind and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. I love how he bangs tons of porn stars simply because he wants to and he can. With that being said I hate that he did drugs like an angry spoiled teen. I hate that he doesn’t use condoms and gave himself and maybe other people deadly STDs. I hate anything to do with beating women. Who hits a woman? Or animals or children or tiny little men? Not a man.

Sheen achieved a level of fame and fortune that few could ever dream of. And what does he do? Becomes an abusive addict who fucks prostitutes raw dog? Living balls out doesn’t mean being a stupid asshole. No one should work in a cubicle. It’s your fault if you do. Don’t take a shit on your desk and punch your boss. It’s not his fault. Even if he’s an asshole. Look in the mirror. You’ve got bigger asshole written all over you.

Don’t put pussy on a pedestal. That’s not a license to treat women like shit because you can. Anyone who fucks with hard core drugs is a low life weakling who can’t face their shortcomings. The drugs will teach you a lesson and take you sure enough to where all cowards go eventually. Charlie Sheen could’ve had anything. He ended up with AIDS, addictions, and civil suits for tales of brutalizing helpless whores. Not hero, goat. THE END.