Ask Tyler: Dating Hot Women

April 14, 2017 | Ask Tyler | tyler-durden | 0 Comments

Ask Tyler: I hope the men who read this know that you are joking when you say that you have to be a dumb shit to date attractive women.

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This is a portion of an email I received. I didn’t want to bore my readers with the other Pantsuit Nation worship crap. Your vagina is your scepter of power, lady. But not for any of the reasons you mention. To answer this obviously attractive ladies question let me pull up the results of an ongoing study involving over 100,000 women and millions of men with endless decades of data. It will tell you everything you need to know. The Strip Club Study.

Sometimes perfectly normal looking guys with deep pockets come into the club and try to date the strippers. They are attracted to their looks and slutty attitude and the way the talcum powder covers their emotional problems. They compliment the strippers and toss them a boat load of money with the hope to one day get a date outside the joint. Do you know what the stripper says when she head back in the dressing room? “Hey girls, this super cool wealthy guy wants to take me out, damn am I lucky tonight.” No! They say, “I have a total sucker in tonight. I am going to string him along until I empty his 401(k)”

The alluring stripper takes that money and hands it over it her pimp boyfriend who treats her like a piece of shit. She can’t remember your name. Bet she knows his name. Guys, the next time you meet an attractive lady and you doubt what I say, visit a strip club and join the study. See who goes home with your money. Hint, it’s the dude named Johnny in the bright fedora. Asked and ANSWERED.