Ask Tyler: Fuck the Sheeple

April 21, 2017 | Ask Tyler | tyler-durden | 0 Comments

Ask Tyler: You call everybody a cubicle working sheep. Why do so many people end up that way if it’s so shitty?


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Simple. Your Mom and Dad. They called you special but deep down never wanted you to be different. They hated the idea that you might not conform with the same shitty rules that broke them as children. They say, “Go to school, go to church, get a good job, get married, make us proud!” They either don’t know or don’t care that they’re spoon feeding you the formula on how to be a face in the crowd. A nobody. The reason so few people become great is because it’s hard to become great. Most people choose easy. To become great you have to defy everything you were taught as a child. I did the opposite of everything my fiends and family told me my entire life to become who I am today. If I listened to them I would still be selling fucking copiers, not changing the world. The day I told my parents, “Nothing personal, but it’s my life to thrive or die as I please,” is the day my life started. It would for you too if you had the balls. Almost none of you do. Sheep. THE END.