Ask Tyler: What’s Wrong With Watching Sports?

April 19, 2017 | Ask Tyler | tyler-durden | 0 Comments

Ask Tyler: Did you really shit on people who watch sports?  Do you have any freakin clue who reads this blog?


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Are you going to boycott me because I spoke my mind? Your economic power is mighty. Fuck you, even tinier Al Sharpton. I did shit on people who lose sleep over any sports team losing a game. My goal is to show people that they can live the life they want. Not the life that others want them to live. When your life sucks you look for easy outs. Drugs. Alcohol. Cults. Religion. Sports teams. Anyone of these things in moderation ss fun as fuck. Well all know people who go completely insane over the loss from their sports team. If this is you, your life probably sucks. You’re crying, you sorry son of a bitch. For one month take the amount of time you normally take watching and talking about sports and dedicate it to something else. Working out, reading, starting a business, being a ninja a fucking hot chicks. Anything but being a fucking sheep for your favorite team with which you share nothing other than in your imagination. See if your life is going better or worse after thirty days. By the way, fuck the Packers. THE END.