Shia LaBeouf Booted Drunk From Deli (VIDEO)

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Shia LaBeouf was reportedly getting hammered by himself in a Jerry’s Deli in the San Fernando Valley, perhaps the most depressing sentence ever written. If you can’t find someone to drink with you in your own hometown you know you’re a huge liability. Especially when you’re offering to pay, and lie about it being your birthday. You’re at a deli. LaBeouf got belligerent with the staff and was booted. LaBeouf is now for all intents and purposes a homeless man who just hit a minor lottery.

It’s unclear exactly what happened but he was apparently wandering between Jerry’s Deli, which has a bar, and adjoining Pinz Bowling Alley. The former has a bar which happened to be filled with black people who were openly mocking him. He was also wearing bowling shoes. Smart money says the bowling alley cut him off and he was double dipping in the deli. 

He got into an argument with a bartender he alleged would not serve him french fries and claimed hit him over the head with a bottle of Grey Goose. That’s when he started screaming at the white bartender, yelling at him that he was as “fucking racist bitch.” The black people found this hilarious. 

Maybe he got into it with one of the black customers and expected backup. Maybe he wanted to call a white person a racist to benefit his liberal street cred and it totally backfired. Maybe he’s just off his meds and thinks he’s Rachel Dolezal. Whatever the case, nobody likes him. 

After being a huge prick to the bartender, who even in his drunken state he must have understood could not throw a punch at him, he went outside where he was approached by a black guy with a camera who said “Why’d you come at my man like that?” He then ran away as fast as he could. We’ve seen this before in his other drunken bar fights and ugly encounters. Big stink and run. You’d be hard pressed not to call him a pussy.

This is just another day in the life of Shia LaBeouf, a man whose behavior is so unhinged he is becoming the village fool in a city as enormous as Los Angeles. He might be the most interesting man in the world, or just a severe alcoholic. Often they go hand in hand. Was this dude in movies or something? 

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