Ashley Graham Naked

May 3, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

There’s almost one entire lightbulb used in the shooting of Ashley Graham’s first nude work. That’s one more lightbulb than you would use at home. It’s possible they concluded low lighting suits her profile, or that anything beyond sixty watts of current would ignite her greasy body.

When speaking of these images, be body positive. Not slightly positive, entirely in. Whole hog if you need a metaphor. She’s beautiful the way she is. That is, contorted and twisted into a gelatinous sculpting model resembling two pregnant badgers fucking. You’ve simply never seen a fat woman that can pose like this. Not unless you own one. There’s some points for trying to fit all that into a tiny box like a Chinese acrobat.

There is no second thing to consider. Any non-positive comments will be seen as hating, misogynistic, or body shaming. Nobody asks you what you’re in for when you arrive at the re-educations camps. Keep your head down and your thoughts to yourself. If forced to respond, note that you think of Ashley Graham being content when masturbating in your cell. The beatings will be less severe.


Photo Credit: V Magzine

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