Ask Tyler: Sexless Dates WTF

May 1, 2017 | Ask Tyler | tyler-durden | 0 Comments

Ask Tyler: I went on a date Friday night. Went super smooth. End of the evening, I asked this girl to my place for a night cap and she said no because I would never respect her. I thought we were past that in 2017. What the fuck?


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We’re not past anything. Growing up all reasonably decent women are told by their parents, friends, teachers, and clergy that having sex with a dude outside of some formal relationship will only label them as a whore. This will hurt their reputation, their chances to marry a nice guy, and fuck up their careers even. Part of that is sadly true. Many guys can’t handle a chick who is sexually experienced. It makes a lesser man self-conscious about measuring up. He starts to think, “What if she fucked a guy with a bigger dick? What if he did amazing shit I can’t even dream up. What if I cum too fast and she’s lying about how it’s okay?” What does this sad sack do in response to feeling outgunned? He calls the experienced girl a slut. He’s trying to even shit out by making both parties undesirable. What a fucked up mentality. It’s men’s fault and it’s sad. These guys think that marrying a prude who only fucked a a guy or two back in college is some prize. You’re wrong. You married a nightmare who’d rather have a cup of tea than a good fuck. Stop ridiculing god’s gift to men. The sexually liberated women. THE END.