Katy Perry Live Stream For Lost Steam (VIDEO)

June 9, 2017 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


Katy Perry is live streaming her life on YouTube until Monday. Cameras set up around her house capture the former pop sensation doing everything from sleeping to drinking coffee. With the highlight so far being her intimate rendition of Fireworks while taking a dump in the bathroom. We can also see a man painting Perry’s album artwork on her house as well as the creation and destruction of an elaborate dominos set up in her living room. You’ll have to rewind to catch that excitement. Or just smash your head in with your keyboard.

Perry’s stunt coincides with today’s release of her album Witness. We’re witnessing her life on YouTube. Get it? The ingenious meta-narrative weaves flawlessly together with Perry’s new politically charged lyrics that make Furby’s catchphrases look like the I Have a Dream speech. Perry’s waning popularity is evident in the lackluster sales of her singles Chained to the Rhythm, Swish Swish, and Bon Appétit. Pro tip: If people aren’t interested in your best entertainment efforts, they aren’t going to care about your sleeping habits. Showering habits may yield different results. 

The successful reign of a pop princess is contingent on her rebranding ability. Madonna lasted until she rebranded herself as Kim Cattrall dressed as the T-800 for Halloween. Lady Gaga had a good thing going until she thought she could regain her thirty pounds without anyone noticing. All that Pepsi. Now it’s Perry’s turn to go gently into that goodnight. She said of this weekend’s live stream:

I feel like I was born on the Internet. I’m gonna have a rebirth on the Internet.

And to dust you will return. (Also worth noting as earlier today, she’s particularly dumb, even within her field of trainables.)

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