Donovan McNabb Liked Himself a Squirter

December 13, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Donovan McNabb, Marshall Faulk and a half-dozen other NFL Network former and current ex-athlete show hosts were named in legal complaint filed by Jami Cantor, a long time wardrobe stylist employed by the Network. Essentially, the woman who dresses these goons in suits and ties for their shows.

Cantor alleged a pattern of sexual texts, comments, innuendo, and outright whipping out of dicks on the part of a bunch of these former NFL players and one producer at the Network during her time there.

As an example, Cantor’s complaint claims:

Marshall Faulk invited her to his hotel room, promptly whipped out his package and demanded service while pinning Cantor up against the wall. The former NFL MVP also repeatedly grabbed her breast and ass and asked her a bunch of times how much she likes oral sex and black dick.

McNabb sent Cantor sexually explicit comments to her via text, including notes that she “looked like the kind of girl that squirted when getting fucked,” “cum to dinner with me” and “why don’t you cum over after work.”

Warren Sapp repeatedly showed Cantor pictures of women he’d slept with, gifted Cantor sex toys, and urinated into the toilet in a bathroom where Cantor was fixing wardrobe.

Ex-Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor sent Cantor naked photos of himself including a video of him masturbating in the shower.

NFL Network executive Eric Weinberger would repeatedly press his cock up against her body, send her naked photos of himself with lewd texts, and insist that Cantor “needed to be fucked everyday”. 

That sounds like a long day at the office. Obviously impossible to say if these guys are guilty of the allegations, except for Warren Sapp who is a clearly guilty of everything even remotely possible regarding disturbing sexual behavior. Though most of these accusations involve photos and texts, so if Cantor kept those, these fuckers and the NFL Network are screwed.

McNabb currently works for ESPN who immediately suspended him based on this legal complaint being made public, along with Eric Davis whose name also appears in Cantor’s suit. 

You wonder how so many guys at the same office, either with wives and four kids like McNabb, or ex-star athletes who probably don’t struggle for finding women as needed, get so hyper sexually charged with a 40-something moderately attractive woman around the office.

The only way to explain this is office boredom, juvenile mentality, and some dude’s fairly high on their ability not to necessarily need this job. Also, apparently, Cantor bottled this shit up for ten years and only brought it to anybody’s attention after being fired, so she probably gave off the vibe at the time of being somebody who wouldn’t say shit.

If all of this is true, this case ought to be the poster child for sexual harassment in the office. Wardrobe stylists and production crew don’t deserve this shit. We may learn more, but in general, they want to get their work done, get paid, and go home like the rest of us. That’s why they work behind the cameras and professionally in the same position for decades. You can’t treat your staff like you do the chicks you’ve been around who want to fuck athletes. Also, that squirter line is never going to work.

Photo credit: Getty Images (1996 photo of Jami Cantor from L.A. Times Article)

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