Leo DiCaprio's New Model

Life for Leonardo DiCaprio is amazing. When you're not lying about saving glaciers, you're busy banging barely legal models. read more

New 18% Tax For Being The Wrong Gender

A vegan cafe in Melbourne, Australia is charging any man wishing to patronize their business 18% tax. Just for having a penis. read more

Aubrey O'Day's Lovely Lady Lumps

Now that Pauly has removed his D from Aubrey O'Day I'd like a crack to explore her shore, dirty Jersey style. read more

Tiger Wood Dodges DUI Charge

When you're an A-list celebrity a DUI can lose you millions in endorsements. But Woods has already gotten that out of the way. He tried to shag every porn star he saw on video in real life. read more

Eating Meat Equals A Marvelous Life

Celeb vegetarians and vegans don't choose that lifestyle because they care about animals. Eating leaves all day in lieu of meat will make you thinner. And Hollywood is a pretty pretentious place.  read more

Amber Rose's Surplus Of Boobagetry

There are two things in life you can never have too much of. Tits and money. Both feel really nice in the hands. read more

Amy Schumer Official Broadway Broad

Amy Schumer represents a majority of what's wrong with society. She's comedy's version of affirmative action. Underperforming at your craft will still land you front page with a trophy.  read more

Boxer Loses His Trophy Wife, Cries Cuck

Fighting in the ring takes discipline. But it looks like British boxer Amir Khan will have to fight back the tears regarding his marriage. read more

Kendall Jenner, Just the Tip

Strippers are really the only people that always deserve tips. It takes courage to take your clothes off seven days a week. Not because you want to. But because your toddler Timmy is hungry. read more

Sugar Daddy Gets Shamed

Age is nothing but a number. But so is a prison sentence. I'll take the least amount of both whenever possible.  read more

Lindsey Lohan No GOOP

People won't even pay for porn anymore, but Lohan believes that she can get people to pay to look at her with clothes on.  read more

Dukes of Debauchery Arrested

Cocaine possession without a complementing indecent assault charge is the equivalent of leaving your pants at home. All you wanted to do was party in the first place. read more