Pamela Anderson's Son Dresses Her

There are two reasons a grown son might dress his own mother. The first involve a series of limited but very popular category tabs on Xhamster. The second means you won't be attending his wedding to a woman any time soon read more

Jaime King Defends Defenseless Anorexic Models on The Last Men on Earth Podcast #102

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast, we defend gauntly Jaime King in her defense of unhealthily skinny models, come up with the definitive definition of the vastly overused word, "rape", discuss Ariel Winter's turning out at twelve in defense of her mom, sort of get... read more

Francia Raisa Gives a Kidney

Nature and nurture both work against Hollywood producing decent folk. Shallow people from hither and yon self-select themselves into the entertainment industry.  read more

Danielle Bregoli Lands Atlantic Record Deal (VIDEO)

Those parental cliches about eating your vegetables and studying and early to bed to ensure success in life seem particularly bullshit in the face of Danielle Bregoli landing a music contract with Atlantic Records.  read more

Tom Cruise Isn't Checking In With Suri Very Often

A new report in InTouch Weekly claims Tom Cruise hasn't seen his daughter Suri in the past four years. Or about since that time he sued the shit out of  Life and Style magazine for claiming he had abandoned his daughter post-divorce. read more

Rolling Stone Magazine Fire Sale

There were any number of options for owners of the big New York magazine titles to pursue as the digital era started to reshape and shatter the traditional periodical magazine publishing business. Rolling Stone magazine managed to make all of the wrong ones.  read more

Rosie O'Donnell's Most Recent Wife Kills Herself

It's super sad when a forty-something mom takes her own life. Even sadder when because of really poor life decisions, she's officially known in the press as 'Rosie O'Donnell's ex-wife'. Eva Braun had it easier in her obit. read more

Daniel Dae Kim Un-Whitewashes Hellboy

Whitewashing was a term developed by slacktivists on social media to describe British dudes playing every role in every movie and TV show regardless of ethnic origin of the character. It's a phenomenon that nobody cared about when English guys played Nazis, Russians,... read more

Disqus Assisting in Toxic Speech Censorship

Disqus, the leading third party provider of blog commenting systems you see omnipresent on the Internet, has added a "toxicity" feature that will allow site owners to censor comments based upon an AI learned speech or content pattern the site owner finds "toxic" to... read more

Jessica Biel Ripping Off Her Wait Staff

Everybody loves Jessica Biel, save for her wait staff who are suing the shit and out of her and her wealthy partner owners for stiffing them on private party gratuities.  read more

Kelly Clarkson Suddenly Remembers That Time She Gave Up Co-Writing Credits With Dr. Luke

Retroactive virtue signaling and right side moral bandwagon is like the regular brand, only far more convenient since you can basically make up stories from a decade or more ago to prove your bona fides. It's largely the female version of high school football glory day... read more

Shkreli's Clinton Hair Joke Lands Him Back in the Can

Martin Shkreli's the friend of a friend from drunk teen days who you laughed at for his attention seeking antics, then hung out with one time when you were sober and realized he was super annoying and you wanted to clock him. Clowns serve a very limited purpose.  read more