Liev Schreiber Sluts Up His Little Boy and ESPN Sapphic Love Machine on The Last Men on Earth Podcast #94

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast, we dig into Usher's herpes and wonder if there ought be a rate card for STD transmissions, concur that ESPN is a sinking shit-pit of Disney leveraged politics, wonder why rich white people on the coasts want their boys to be girls... read more

'Best Fight Against the System' Award Completes the VMA's

In addition to going gender neutral in their music video award categories, which makes sense, since nobody actually knows who produces the music videos, certainly not the artists themselves, the MTV VMA's this year are adding a "Best Fight Against the System" award. read more

Susan Collins Calls Another Congressman 'Unbelievably Unattractive' on Hot Mic

Congressman Blake Farenthold is an abominable looking man. He's an obese, triple chinned, goofy looking motherfucker. Or a Congressional five. You're not supposed to be able to say these things aloud.  read more

How Many Millions for Dinner With Leo and Kate?

Make a list of things Leonardo DiCaprio related that you'd pay a million bucks for. The yacht, the plane, largely well maintained vulvas of various hot Victoria's Secret models. How about dinner with Leo and Kate Winslet? Alligator arms. DiCaprio had to pull some auction... read more

Kylie Jenner Snap Hacked

Snapchat was invented so high school drug connects and trashy girls who flash their tits to be popular could have a single place to ply their trade where parents couldn't find them. It worked. Nobody ever went broke selling vices. read more

Girl Who Got The Demon Bumps From Usher Now Wants $20 Mill

You may recall all the way back to a few days ago when a chick sued Usher for ten million for having unprotected sex with her after he knew he had contracted Herpes Simplex 2. She cited his negligence and a bad cover story for drippy dick as the cause of her extreme... read more

Muslim Terrorism Creating Great Deals to Europe

If you don't get killed in Europe by the the local baker radicalized at the corner mosque, you're set to experience some stellar travel deals. Thanks to the massive swell of jihadists ushered into Europe's major cities and a few limbless bloody bodies later, tourism from... read more

Diana Andrews Body Shames Heavy Chick at Gym

Los Angeles might be slapping politically correct penalties on Playboy models body shaming chicks in the gym locker room, but England is simply a lawless workout wasteland.  read more

ESPN Lied About That Whole Apolitical Thing

This week ESPN published a feature article, "Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe define couples goals". In an article by Matt Eisenberg who couldn't have possibly wished this professional sportswriting gig upon himself, we learn that Sue and Megan support each other by attending... read more

Liev Schreiber Brings His Son as Harley Quinn to Comic-Con

It's not odd to see cross gender cosplay at Comic-Con. You start out with a base of super weird sexually unsuccessful nerds. But those are adult nerds, not third graders.  read more

O.J. Parole Creates Unnoticed Victim

The Goldman family was particularly peeved about O.J. Simpson being granted parole at his first shot hearing this past week. Simpson did behead their kid for hitting on his ex-wife. But perhaps nobody suffered more with the Simpson parole decision than Khloe Kardashian. read more

Katy Bares Camel Toe for the Cause

With the new digital economy has come new jobs. Self-checkouts at CVS and Walgreens have forced former cashiers to become empathetic body positive activists on social media. The occupation category is soon to exceed the number of fast food workers who McDonald's is racing... read more