Gisele Bundchen Rebuffed

Gisele Bundchen went on CBS this morning while still drunk on mimosas and claimed Tom Brady suffered a concussion which was unattended to, a sort of conspiracy theory minus the interesting part. It looks increasingly like this was a total fabrication and that Brady simply... read more

Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Definitely Having Hetero Sex

According to anonymous sources who are obviously her PR people, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are head over heels in love with each other. You know Holmes is a woman of passion because she signed a contract to remain in an on paper relationship with her previous gay husband... read more

James Harden Has Friends In Low Places

It is being alleged in a lawsuit that James Harden paid a group of thugs $20,000 to beat a guy up and rob him of his jewelry. He has that kind of money. Apart from the contract and sneaker deal, someone paid him a shitload to throw game 6 against the Spurs. read more

Miley Cyrus Image Change

Miley Cyrus is apparently having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that she is Miley Cyrus. For anyone over thirty, this would be the thickly veneered daughter of country music hack Billy Ray Cyrus, an ass clown who had a novelty hit popular in bars where people... read more

Former WNBA Teammates Wed

Prior to the Phoenix Mercury's heavily not anticipated season opener, current player and former league MVP Diana Taurasi announced that she had married Penny Taylor, a former teammate whose couch is certainly covered in dog hair.  read more

Antonio Cromartie To Have 14th Kid

Despite having considerable difficulty naming all of his offspring, Antonio Cromartie is expecting his fourteenth kid, making it his sixth with his current wife Terricka Cromartie. This comes on the heels of Cromartie getting a vasectomy because he apparently gets chicks... read more

Chick Digs Her Birthmark

Being self congratulatory is a trait common amongst Millennials. In their minds, everything they do is a benevolent cause or crowning achievement. Even if they were going to do it anyway. Gained some weight, fantastic! Got a free dog from the pound, you're a fucking hero!... read more

James Woods Joshes Anderson Cooper

James Woods is being labeled a homophobe for suggesting Anderson Cooper had a butt plug inside of him while interviewing Kellyanne Conway. Completely inappropriate, he doesn't always do that read more

Steve Harvey Asshole Of The Month

Steve Harvey is moving his mundane platitude laced talk show to Los Angeles. It's like visiting with your great uncle, if your great uncle remained alive simply by not offending his Werther's Original sponsorship.  read more

Bow Wow Master Publicist

After being throughly embarrassed for posting a stock photo of a private jet while flying coach in Southwest, Bow Wow appeared on a morning show and claimed he did it on purpose to promote a reality show he will be appearing on. Of course you are.  read more

Gia Paige Mad At Netflix

Porn star Gia Paige is incensed that her real name was outed in the new Netflix documentary Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On. Documentary is a loose term. This is a poor excuse to show some smut in the name of shedding light on the sex industry. read more

Celeb Vegan Chef Cops A Plea

Celeb restaurateur Sarma Melngallis was sentenced to four months in prison and five years of probation after stealing $844,000 from investors to open a new restaurant, failing to pay $400,000 in taxes, and ripping off her employees for $40,000 in wages, according to... read more