Ask Tyler: How Do I Keep My Man

Tyler: As a married woman I would classify myself as unusually realistic and open minded. I read the stuff you say and agree with half of it. I've been married 4 years but plan to stay married forever. How does a woman keep their husband happy and not bored long term? read more

Ask Tyler: Die, Tyler, Die

Tyler: I have read most of the past few articles and you are a disgusting pig. What a joke that you're giving advice to women. The world would be better off without you in it. read more

Ask Tyler: Slut Shaming

Tyler: I read all these "Ask Tyler" and they always end with the guy sleeping with the girl. Well I will tell you as a female, when that actually does happen then the female gets totally slut shamed for it. Because of that it's not quite going to be as easy as you... read more

Ask Tyler: Donkey Balls

Tyler: Ok, I thought the Ask Tyler thing was going to suck donkey balls. It's kind of funny. So I read the last one about tinder, but what about a guy like me who gets girls numbers at the bar, but has trouble closing the deal? read more

Ask Tyler: Start Swiping

Tyler: All my friends use tinder to get laid, but it never works for me. I'm not the best looking dude, but not the worst either. What am I doing wrong? read more

Ask Tyler: I'm Here to Save the World

Tyler: Been reading your "Ask Tyler" section and got one question. If you are so rich, famous and all knowing, why are you writing on some sh*tty blog? read more

Ask Tyler: Hot Chick Kryptonite

Tyler: I don't understand it. I am a single guy, 31, good looking, great career, stay very active, in very good shape, very well educated. I am a great catch. I go out with my friends to a bar/club and I see all these gorgeous women both in the bar and working at the bar.... read more

Ask Tyler: Give and Take

Tyler: I am at that stage with my girlfriend where I love her to death. We have dated long enough and I am old enough to know I want to be with her and marry her. But! The more I love her, the less I see her as a sex object. When I have sex I want to feel like I am... read more

Ask Tyler: You Could Be Famous

Tyler: My name is Isabella and I am a 19-year-old model/actress living in Kansas City. I’m a huge celebrity and pop-culture junkie and every time I’m on blogs like this one I think to myself, what is the difference between the girls you write about and me?  Why couldn't I... read more

Ask Tyler: Follow the Herd

Tyler:  Whose d*ck did you have to suck to get a job writing sh*t online and getting paid for it. I work for a collection company in a cubical and my life sucks. It is a huge company with hundreds of employees and I just feel like I am wasting my life away one day at a... read more

Ask Tyler: This Is the Beginning

I'm not sure if it's because this site is called "What Would Tyler Durden Do" or if just because I am a f*cking genius who knows everything but my inbox is constantly flooded with readers asking me questions about all kinds of stupid sh*t. read more