Adriana Lima Isn’t A Quitter

Adriana Lima is one of a kind. Taking off your clothes is certainly a talent that takes time to master and she wants the world to know that she’s not stopping anytime soon. read more

Adriana Lima Stands Down on Nudity on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #113

The best part about covering Hollywood insanity, irrationality, and hypocrisy for a living is the never ending supply of content.  read more

Bella Hadid Lingerie Eveningwear and Shit Around the Web

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Arianny Celeste for Less and Shit Around the Web

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Adriana Lima Smoking Hot and Shit Around the Web

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Sabrina Nichole All Wet and Shit Around the Web

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Adriana Lima and Julian Edelman Couldn't Find Time to Get It On

Scheduling conflicts has to be the laziest public excuse ever for a celebrity breakup. It's less honest than 'that fucker gave me genital warts'. Also far less clickbait worthy. read more

Adriana Lima Deep Thoughts

At some point we may want to stop interviewing supermodels, or at least admit that we're being condescending by pretending what they're saying isn't mostly garbage. read more

Adriana Lima Does Some Foxy Boxing And Shit Around The Web

Adriana Lima boxes in some skimpy workout clothes. She's selling something. Just say yes and save some hassle. Her vagina is sweating for God's sake. read more

Adriana Lima Is the Shit And Shit Around The Web

This video of Adriana Lima's hottest looks has got my pressure up. Fries and gravy has the same effect, only they label you a weirdo if you masturbate openly to the latter. read more

Adriana Lima Hot Body In A Sports Bra And Shit Around The Web

Adriana Lima shows just how fit she is in a sports bra. It's pretty fit. Fit enough to make her one of the top paid models in the world. So it also comes off. read more

Adriana Lima Olympian Tits And Shit Around The Web

Adriana Lima will take part in Olympics opening. She doesn't fear Zika because fear leads to hate which leads to suffering. Also, her tits are generously lubed in mosquito repellant. read more