Poor Guatemalan Woman Gives Birth For Amy Smart

You probably remember Amy Smart from being the ridiculously hot chick in 90's movies who couldn't act, and nobody brought it up or cared. You looked at her like she was your actual girlfriend taking a cooking class, not starring in blockbuster films. read more

MySpace Threw A Party, Invited All The Cool Kids

MySpace is apparently back with a brand new design, and the people behind it celebrated last night by throwing a party at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles with a bunch of really cool young people to let you know how hip it is. Among the stars in attendance were Vanessa... read more


This is a picture of Amy Smart on the set of "Crank 2".  I don't know what that movie is about, but I think a good movie would be one where people remove tape and then throw it away. They should make a movie about that.(note - better quality and more should be on the... read more