Madison Beer Suds Guzzler and Shit Around the Web

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Kate Upton Swimsuit Model and Shit Around the Web

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Avril Lavigne Pegs Zuckerberg

When you're worth fifty billion, consider hiring a professional give your material a once over before taking the stage. Zuckerberg did a selfie-promo for Jarvis, the new A.I. technology from Facebook that will speak extremely eloquently while secretly selling your online... read more

Nickleback Gets Dumped And Shit Around The Web

Canadian skateboard enthusiast and singer Avril Lavigne has split with Chad Kroeger from Nickleback. I guess she came to the conclusion we all know: nothing that has ever happened is as terrible as Nickleback. Read more about Canadian heartbreak. (TMZ) Hannah May Rose... read more

Avril Lavigne Doesn't Hate The Orientals Like You Think She Does

As the music world knows by now, Avril Lavigne and her Nickelback life partner have released another bit of culture sheizen into the archives of all things inexplicably horrible. It's Hello Kitty, as if an afflicted girl who has been staring catatonic at the wall for a... read more

Avril Lavigne Must Be Stopped (VIDEO)

As fast as people can complain about what a terrible song and video it is, Avril Lavigne's latest, "Hello Kitty," is being pulled from YouTube, and that's probably a very good thing. Co-written by her husband Chad Kroeger, "Hello Kitty" is an orgy of awful sounds and... read more

Avril Lavigne Probably Isn't Pregnant After All

There had been rumors going around that Chad Kroeger had knocked Avril Lavigne up shortly after they were married in July, and that was scary because it would have been the first sign of the impending apocalypse. At least, I'm pretty sure my bible studies mentioned... read more

Deryck Whibley Took Avril Lavigne's Name When They Married

If it wasn't already bad enough that his wife divorced him only to eventually marry the lead singer of Nickelback, Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley has finally filed the proper paperwork to legally change his name back to Deryck Jason Whibley. That's because after he... read more

Avril Lavigne Still Looks Kind Of Pregnant

Avril Lavigne hosted an album release party last night at FINALE in New York City, and obviously our hearts go out to the people who were chained inside the building and forced to listen to that horrible nightmare. But as they recover from that violation, people are once... read more

Avril Lavigne And Chad Kroeger Finally Released Their Duet (VIDEO)

It was only a matter of time before Avril Lavigne and her husband and Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger fulfilled their threat to release a duet, and yesterday was the big day with the unveiling of their new music video for "Let Me Go." The easiest way to describe this... read more

Avril Lavigne Might Be Pregnant With A Nickelbaby

Nickelback's Chad Kroeger and his wife Avril Lavigne attended something called the Huading Awards in China on Monday, and I'm guessing the event honors outstanding achievement in making people physically ill any time they hear a specific music artist's songs. But the big... read more

Avril Lavigne Will Give You a Virus

Avril Lavigne is dirty. No, not her pretend punk b.s. she continued on Kimmel last night in a spiked bra. She's the second most dangerous celebrity to search on the Internet, according to McAfee Anti-Virus company. After Googling shit on Lily Collins, searching for Avril... read more