Bar Refaeli Quickly Pregnant

Stories about supermodels being pregnant seem less immediate when you're quite certain you're not fucking supermodels.  read more

Bar Refaeli Postpartum Spank Banking

Pregnancy is to be cherished. Both among your family and friends and a few million dudes whacking off to your bikini photos on social media. We've come a long way in reducing the stigma of pre and postpartum bellies and where exactly a wandering traveler with a hard-on... read more

Bar Refaeli Is A No Show And Shit Around The Web

Hottest Jewess ever Bar Refaeli is five months pregnant...but you seriously can't tell. I guess that's what probably happens when you don't eat. Can a fetus live off of cigarettes and Diet Coke? I came out okay. Hopefully her tits start showing soon. (TMZ) Pam Anderson... read more

Bar Refaeli Preggo Titties Are Out Of Control And Shit Around The Web

I know pregnancy is the miracle of life and all that shit, but it's generally pretty gross. But the best part has to be how huge a woman's tits grow. Take Bar Refaeli who is about to bust out of that dress. I'd like a go on those jugs of milk. (Drunken Stepfather) Tit... read more

Bar Refaeli Arrested

Israeli model Bar Refaeli was busted for cheating on her taxes. It takes a lot of cajones to fudge your income taxes in a nation full of accountants. Refeali hid foreign income by being paid in Range Rovers which she declared as tzotchkes of no material value. To the... read more

Bar Refaeli Lingeries In A Barn And Shit Around The Web

Have you ever been to Israel? There are chicks like Bar Refaeli all over the place. The problem is that when they get older they start to resemble little Jewish Yodas. I can say that because I'm Jewish and it's also true. Rough old ladies they are. But let's enjoy Bar... read more

Bar Refaeli Real Tits, Secret Shame

Bar Refaeli was born with her girl parts. Don't hold that against her. It's not easy for a natural born to get by these days. They're boring and lack media spectacle. How many souls will Bar Refeali inspire to consume their days and nights discovering their true self?... read more

Bar Refaeli Models Lingerie For Passionata Fall Winter 2014 Collection

Photo Credit: Passionata [gallery guid=803407] read more

Bar Refaeli Isn't Half-Bad Looking

Apparently, Bar Refaeli has washed ashore on a deserted island and is setting about to build herself some shelter. Thatcould happen. Don't think she doesn't have a zombie attack plan. Or, more realistically, a Hezbollah attack plan where all the hot girls in Israel flee... read more

Israel Isn't Cool With Bar Refaeli Banging Puppets (VIDEO)

Israel's Second Authority for Television and Radio decided that the idea of Bar Refaeli having an orgy with a giant purple puppet and two clones of herself, all in the name of selling clothes, is just too much for daytime TV. The ad for the Hoodies summer collection... read more

Some Very Attractive Women And Paris Hilton Celebrated Super Bowl Weekend

While you were serving up lukewarm canned chili and mildly-roofied Bud Light at your own Super Bowl party this weekend, the 11th annual Leather and Laces party in New York City was the perfect event for anyone who wanted to stare at the world's most attractive women for... read more

Bar Refaeli Is a Role Model in Her Underwear

Bar Refaeli is a real hero. Whatever needs getting done, she does. Get in your underwear and put a cake on your head. She's there. She'd probably replace the rods at Fukushima in a sexy nightie if you asked her nicely. She'd add an ear-to-ear smile if you paid her... read more