Bella Thorne See-Through Tit Dance And Other Shit Around The Web

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Rob Kardashian Sinking Into Oblivion

It's hard to watch a man slowly eat himself to death. Ironically, I've seen several slowly drink themselves to death and it almost seems natural. read more

Hooters Girls Flaunt It and Shit Around the Web

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Blac Chyna Victim Crafting (VIDEO)

Those who write history are at distinct advantage in shaping the final story. Let's assume you want to be the whore on Good Morning America explaining why your precious gems and bitcoin based relationship with the sole remaining Kardashian with a dick is simply not your... read more

Rob Kardashian Cuckold Without a Country

The story of Rob Kardashian is a tale so unbearably emasculating, every man can feel a little kick in the balls. You don't have to like the guy, you shouldn't, but pour some Axe Body spray out for a same gender homie. read more

Dioni Tabbers See-Through Model and Shit Around the Web

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Blac Chyna Got a Ferrari for Her 29th

Every stripper has a dream. Not every stripper has a plan. The latter means you get to gift yourself a red Ferrari on your 29th birthday and pretend it's from a loved one. You're a stripper. Nobody loves you.  read more

Sabrina Nichole All Wet and Shit Around the Web

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Blac Chyna Speculum Kink and Kendall Jenner Pepsi Hummer on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #82

On this week's  Last Men on Earth Podcast  we duck into a discussion on hot women asking for the men they fuck to chip in on their gyno-care, revisit Pepsi's massive misunderstanding of how to kowtow to millennial pussies, wonder if new slender Lena Dunham is still a... read more

Rebecca Romijn and Blac Chyna Want You to Pay for Their Pap Smears (VIDEO)

Funny or Die has never shied away from a national healthcare push. Presumably under the "Die" mandate of the HBO-Turner-Will Ferrel and buddies owned venture. Like many entertainment outlets and Judd Apatow, they keep insisting there's a hilarious way to do political... read more

Who Let the Hooker Into the Kid's Choice Awards?

Everybody in Hollywood is a whore. Right down to the nine year olds working casting calls ferociously to be the next Miley Cyrus. Spend twenty minutes at a Coffee Bean near any one of these casting offices in Burbank and witnessed the behavior of these kids and their... read more

The Many Faces of Still Fat Rob Kardashian

People magazine reports that Still Fat Rob Kardashian is diabetic and depressed and too dangerous to be left alone with his hooker baby. In contrast, Us Weekly reports that Kardashian is feeling fantastic, committed to healthy living, and coos aloud for the daddy time he... read more