Daddy's Home Indeed and Shit Around the Web

Who’d you rather, Instagram boobs, and more! read more

Macaulay Culkin Takes His Dates to Knott’s Berry

Macaulay Culkin was caught cozied up with Brenda Song. I’m placing bets that this is clearly a cover up. His best friend Paris Jackson is barely legal and amusement parks are full of kids.  read more

Cyrus Family Well Adjusted

Miley Cyrus' brother Trace escaped the traveling freak show to pose for a picture with his girlfriend, Disney actress Brenda Song. Cyrus is known for possibly playing in a band and looking like a poster child for bad parenting. Please look at me. What are you staring at?... read more

Brenda Song Is The Perfect Birthday Guest

Brenda Song is an actress or a singer or reality star or dentist or something like that, and I don't really care what she actually does for people to consider her famous, because she's a tiny, attractive Asian girl with the most perfectly proportionate natural tits,... read more

Brenda Song is anti-semit... oh wait never mind.

I don't think ‘The Social Network' star Brenda Song should be wearing a shirt that looks so much like a Nazi flag. Because by the time she got close enough to see that it wasn't a Nazi flag I had already said "sieg heil" and when that's your opening with a girl it's... read more