Caitlin O'Connor Wears A Red Bikini Because That's Her Job

Driving models out into the winter cold to show off in bikinis isn't so bad. Inventing a fake bottled water company to get chicks begging you to get half naked on the beach isn't so bad either. The combo does seem pretty tawdry however, especially when you're trying to... read more

Caitlin O'Connor Has a Touch of Modesty

Somebody sent me a letter claiming I'm a shill for this indecently crappy water company. Do I seem that business intelligent to you? That's rhetorical, you judgmental fucks. I'd take the money if it were offered. Shill is just another word for being able to pay the rent... read more

Caitlin O'Connor Has Commercial Grade Boobs

After an exhaustive number of attempts, the omnicidal maniacs at this sham bottled water company have finally stumbled upon precisely the winning formula for simple mastery of the human race. Tits. I don't even know who this chick is and I want to do whatever the hell... read more

Caitlin O'Connor In A Bikini

Just because Maxim is circling the toilet bowl, doesn't mean they didn't help discover a few good looking girls along the way. Discover may not be the right term. We used to use that for Columbus and America before everybody started yelling about Indians being here a... read more