Caitlin Stasey Feminism Is on the Right Track

Caitlin Stasey represents the more tolerant wing of feminism. If you can tolerate her narration on a series of tired patriarchy cliches, she will eventually take off her top in the name of empowerment. read more

Caitlin Stasey Gets Topless Again And Shit Around The Web

Caitlin Stasey knows Instagram is for topless pics. She uses it as a tool to teach her specific brand of feminist empowerment. Smile and tug. She'll assume you're listening. read more

Caitlin Stasey Strips to Complain (VIDEO)

There's something quietly poetic in stripping off your clothes while bemoaning how men see you as an object. This Australian model has been railing against gender bias and misogyny for a few years now by way of getting naked in photos and videos. It's a convenient tactic... read more

Caitlin Stasey Launches Vagina Talk

This Australian actress is determined to reclaim women's bodies. I'm not sure what that means. It sounds like something a serial killer would say while burning a hot crucifix into the flesh of his victims. For this chick, it means starting a feminist online magazine,... read more