Christina Milian Isn't Playing

The bleached blond hair should have been enough. Ease into your new character. Basic cable triple threat Christina Milian went all in at the Power Rangers premiere and post-party with the striking color and the tits falling out of the dress. read more

Christina Milian Showing the Kids How It's Done

The iHeart Radio Awards happened. The parade of easily replaceable teen pop stars is like watching a Disney version of a child sex trafficking auction read more

Christina MIlian Seems Demure

Either you didn't know that camera flashes at a place filled with camera flashes would expose your bare breasts and girdle or you did know and didn't care. It's hard to calculate which is sexier, but neither is currently leading. read more

Christina Milian In Short Shorts And Shit Around The Web

Christina Milian has to show off her ass every day. It's in the contract. The social contract. We've all got one. If you had a nice ass, yours might look like Milan's. As it is, just shut up and pay your taxes. read more

Christina Milian in A Bikini

I have mixed feelings seeing Christina Milian in Miami. She's bronzed and shiny and lost the baby weight but kept the tits. Twice blessed. Yet, she's been my sleeper pick in my celebrity ghoul pool since the day I learned fucking rappers is her primary hobby outside of... read more

Christina Milian Nipple Glue

There are a precious few occupations that require you cover your nipples in a thick gooey paste. One would be male kindergarten teacher and even then it's really just a personal preference. I can't think of the others. Christina Milian now has a reality show putting her... read more

Christina Milian Nipples Pierced for Ratings (VIDEO)

Here's a summary of the producers room for Christina Milian's E! reality show. Ten hours of silence, followed by some dude in a porkpie hat yelling out, 'She could get her nipple pierced'. Show one, done. Show two, we accidentally inject Christina with the puss filled... read more

Christina Milian No Underwear

A woman never looks more serious than when she's gazing into the distance without any underpants on. The thoughts that swirl deep within her cranium. Did I do right to divorce The Dream? What happens if I tell the world my nipples tingle several minutes before an... read more

Christina Milian Shows Some Cleavage At Betsey Johnson Fashion Show

Photo Credit: Getty, Pacific Coast News [gallery ids="1758959,1758958,1758963,1758964,1758961,1758965,1758960,1758962"] read more

Christina Milian Shows Off Her Cleavage In Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Christina Milian/Instagram [gallery guid=804010] read more