Claire Danes Has Something on Her Mind

Claire Danes looks nuts on Homeland. She looks nuts jogging. She's probably super stable. Or fucking nuts. You wouldn't know which until you come to in a tangle of harpsichord strings with your eyes burning from Febreze Mediterranean Lavender. read more

Claire Danes Discusses Body Shaming, Fuck Yeah

Claire Danes shares with Allure magazine that her body is commented on infinitely more than her male counterparts. Which may or may not be explained by her male counterparts not routinely conducing interviews about their body image in Allure magazine. Or the fact that... read more

I Think This Is Claire Danes

There so much Photoshopping here. This is either Claire Danes or my Aunt Serene, who could swallow the real Claire Danes whole and still have room for pie. Serene loves her pie. I guess this is kind of cool if it actually is Claire Danes. At least she's not talking so... read more

Claire Danes Gets Plowed in New Homeland Season, What Does This Mean For Syria? (VIDEO)

I love my grandparents for winning a World War and procreating, but I got stuck at their place this weekend which means endless hours of cable network news. I just can't see one more bad CGI rendering of boats firing cruise missiles and hitting targets in another one of... read more

claire danes has changed

Claire Danes was at the ‘Me & Orson Welles' premiere last night in London, but this is not the classy and elegant lady I remember. In the sheer black top she was wearing, all I had to do was use Photoshop CS4 (which you can buy anywhere for around $900), then open... read more


Claire Danes is not a natural beauty like me or Angelina Jolie or me, but she does have a hot white girl ass.  And when she tans she lies down like a lady. I appreciate that. The whole GD world is in Italy right now and Claire is no exception.  Here she is in Ischia with... read more


The Daily News says that the reason Claire Danes broke up with Billy Crudup (oh by the way, Claire Danes broke up with Billy Crudup.  Oh by the way, Clair Danes was dating Billy Crudup) is because Claire slept with British actor Hugh Dancy while they were working on a... read more