Claudia Schiffer Actually Hot

Expectations are managed and adjusted for factors such as age and lifestyle when evaluating the bangability of celebrities. Nicole Kidman looks good for someone who face swapped with the doll from Annabelle. Cindy Crawford looks okay for someone beginning her transition... read more

Wearing PJs to the VMAs and Shit Around the Web

Kristina Schulman v Danielle Lombard, Claudia Schiffer is on a boat, and more! read more

Claudia Schiffer is a fatty

Claudia Schiffer, whose husband Matthew Vaughn may or may not have gotten January Jones pregnant while they were making 'X-Men: First Class', dropped their kids off at school this morning in London, and the reason she looks so sad is because the other kids taunted her... read more

Matthew Vaughn is the father of January Jones baby

Allegedly. I probably should have included the word "allegedly" in the headline but it's not as dramatic that way. To recap: January Jones is pregnant but won't say who the father is, and the reason she's being such a good girl is because the guy is married and they had... read more