Colleen Shannon in a Bikini

Jail time looks good on Colleen Shannon. Damn, that ass. I can only imagine how coveted she was in the Sapphic showers of the women's penitentiary. Two packs of smokes and a case of the pre-expired tampons just to be the one who got to hold her in the full-nelson. If... read more

Colleen Shannon Used to Be the World's Best Female DJ

Losing your spot on the dais to Paris Hilton can't feel good. I don't care if it's the pointless DJ crown or just the tiara given to the woman who has smoked the most idle rich cocaine covered pole, you don't want to be ousted by a chick whose IQ hovers around par at... read more

Colleen Shannon's Car Broke Down, Or Did It?

The last time Colleen Shannon looked like this she was distracting customs officials in upstate New York so her boyfriend could hop over a creek from Canada into the U.S. with some controlled substances. It's the Fraulein Helga bent over a low filing cabinet trick. It's... read more

Colleen Shannon in a Bikini

It only makes sense that the nefarious bastards from 138 Water have switched to ex-cons to lull everybody and their reflexive dicks into a sense of calm before the invading storm. Playmate Colleen Shannon billed herself as the world's hottest DJ before she got busted... read more

Colleen Shannon Poses In A White Bikini For A 138 Water Shoot In Beverly Hills

Photo Credit: FameFlynet [gallery ids="1756600,1756601,1756602,1756603,1756604,1756605"] read more

Colleen Shannon In a Bikini

The 138 Water pod people are back and they brought the Playboy DJ smuggler to induce feelings of lightheadedness and erection. I thought Colleen Shannon was off to jail for picking up her drug toting boyfriend at the Canadian border in a Bentley. I guess the sentences... read more

Colleen Shannon Poses In Lingerie For The 138

I guess when you're about to go to prison for smuggling your drug running boyfriend over the Canadian border, the idea of becoming a human host for the 138 pod babies doesn't seem like such a bad turn. It's certainly better than going to Canadian jail and seeing the... read more

Playboy Playmate Colleen Shannon Arrested For Smuggling Canadian Douchebag

Colleen Shannon was blessed with some killer looks and got herself some major league tits, but a Playboy Playmate and self-described 'world's hottest DJ' does not a scholar make. So when she went to rendezvous in upstate New York with her Canadian drug convict boyfriend... read more