Daphne Joy Whole Lotta Body and Shit Around the Web

Daphne Joy made a baby with 50 Cent and was still allowed to remain in our nation. We are a forgiving people. Just like the way you'd forget 50's baby ever popped out of her reproductive tract if you were so lucky as to bed this woman. Block it out hard. read more

Daphne Joy And Shantel Jackson Push Toys

That's 50 Cents' baby mama who sued him successfully for paternity and Floyd Mayweather's ex who he dumped after she aborted their twin fetuses on Twitter. If the big fake titties of women who engage informally in unprotected sexual intercourse can't convince people to... read more

Daphne Joy Has Big Yabbos

For the men who live entirely for their high school reunions, and you know who you are, you could do worse than showing up with 50 Cent's baby mama to the next Holiday Inn assembly. Imagine the desperately jealous looks on the faces of the Cobra Kai aryans who... read more

Daphne Joy Seems At Peace

There were two seminal moments in any woman's life. First, when her big fake tits come out looking pretty nice. You go in with so much hope, but there's always that Tori Spelling nightmare picture freaking out the back of your mind. The second is when 50 Cent... read more