No One Wants Denise Richards' House

A million dollar discount is nothing to laugh at and it’s a better price drop than you’ll find on any Groupon. Denise Richards already ducked the HIV dilemma when she divorce Sheen, now she's desperate to sell her house. read more

Charlie Sheen Seeks Relief

Charlie Sheen requested a judge reduce his $55K a month child support payments to his two kids by ex-wife Denise Richards. Sheen noted that he no longer had his fat sitcom paychecks coming in and thanks to Martin Shkreli his viral suppressants were really fucking... read more

Charlie Sheen Sold Denise Richards' Home

Charlie Sheen's pursuit of his ex-wife's unhappiness has jumped from threatening on Twitter to have her child support payments reduced to sending his lawyers in with boxes and a moving truck. According to Radar, Charlie and Brett Rossi want Denise Richards out of their... read more

Charlie Sheen Not So Subtly Threatens Denise Richards

Denise Richards has angered the Warlock, Charlie Sheen, into cutting up a wedding souvenir baseball bat with a bayonet. It seems that the tiger-blooded star of such classic films as Hot Shots: Part Deux and You Can't Arrest Me, I'm Made of Fuck You Money is mad at his... read more

Denise Richards Can No Longer Handle The Violent Sheen Twins

If only crack and meth pipes came with fancy warning labels like family friendly tobacco, maybe the Sheen twins wouldn't be four-year old future Natural Born Killers. Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards took custody of winning Charlie's twin boys by way of convicted... read more

Charlie Sheen Is Tired Of Giving Brooke Mueller All That Free Money

Back in May, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, Brooke Mueller (seen above after her recent rug store heist), lost custody of their twin sons because of her suspected drug use, and one day later she entered a drug rehab program at UCLA. Interestingly, Charlie's other ex-wife, ... read more

Denise Richards beard is coming in nicely

Another week or so and she can have one of those Robert Downey 'Tony Stark' goatees that are so popular these days. (image source of denise in calabasas today = pacific coast) [gallery guid=806871] read more

Denise Richards: beautiful vixen, fun loving friend

Denise Richards has written a book that came out on Tuesday, because as the description says... "(We've) seen her many public faces—the beautiful vixen, the devoted mother, the hard-working entertainer, and the fun-loving friend. But how well do we really know Denise... read more

Denise Richards in a bikini > Charlie Sheen

While her ex husband Charlie Sheen was on stage this weekend reminding everyone that a little of that jackass goes a long way, Denise Richards was on the beach in the Bahamas reminding everyone how hot she can still look. I wish more ex wives and girlfriends would get... read more

This is more like it

The last time there were bikini pictures of Denise Richards, she once again kept her stupid denim shorts on, and so I summoned up my courage and said I'd had it with her non-ass showing shenanigans.  Then I posted pictures of different girls who weren't so stuck up. ... read more

Denise Richards is lazy

Denise Richards hit up the beaches in Hawaii again today, and again she dragged her dumb kids around and never took off her shorts. So if she's not gonna bother to care about these pictures I'm not sure why the hell I would. Especially when last night was the 2009 Face... read more

Afternoon headlines

JON AND KATE PLUS 8 - the new season began just 4 weeks ago, and TLC planned on 40 new episodes this year, but the show is now going on hiatus until August. This should give Jon and Kate time to repair their relationship, as long as Jon is willing to talk, and "Kate" is... read more