Erika Jordan Leopard Print For Life and Shit Around the Web

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Erika Jordan Hoverboard Hottie and Shit Around the Web

Chanel Iman hits the beach, Lake Bell gets busty, and more! read more

Erika Jordan Protests Trump With Tits and Bullets

The forever lasting election cycle consumed the media and lazy news outlets and proved to be a huge boon for cheesecake models. Big fake tits don't get you noticed in this town like previous generations. You throw in a Trump or Hillary nod and suddenly you've got... read more

Erika Jordan Seems Charitable

It's unclear how many panda bears Erika Jordan was able to save by dressing up like the Chinese zoo keeper who's job it is to stimulate the male pandas into fornication with the ladies, but zero seems like a strong opener. Self-described charities and hashtags therein are... read more

Erika Jordan Red Bikini For Red Nose Day

I hate when people start celebrating Red Nose Day early. Red Nose Day is May 26, a day designated to celebrate a photo of a white guy hugged by half a dozen starving African kids. Not an entire week like the manner in which we honor God or public school teachers. read more

Erika Jordan National Beer Day Almost Tits

National Beer Day dates back all the way to about five years ago when some dude invented it as a Facebook page. So it's somewhere between Kwanzaa and National UFO Day in terms of legitimacy. It's about as impactful as the 4th of July would be if the local Elks Lodge had... read more