Faith Hill Old Lady Leg Shuts Down Internet

The overt shameless slutiness of the pose Hill struck in her hooker dress signaled the go-ahead for right and left-leaning Internet users alike to sexualize the crap out of Hill, and while some are just proud of the seventy-five-year-old Hill for not breaking any bones in... read more

Faith Hill Frozen Face Is Creeping Me Out

Instead of telling your kids that if they make a stupid face, they might get stuck with it forever, just whip out a picture of Faith Hill, point to it emphatically, and say, do you fucking want that for the rest of your life? Then make up some passage from the bible that... read more

Faith Hill is "shockingly" thin now, apparently

Every few months, some fat person will write an article about a famous person who is too skinny now, because fat people are real jealous and petty. It's usually Angelina Jolie but this time it's Faith Hill based on the way she looked at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. Radar... read more

faith hill at the superbowl

Faith Hill sang "America the Beautiful" before the Super Bowl last night and the big question on everyone’s mind is who gave a better performance, her or Jennifer Hudson. I gave the edge to Hill but you have to keep in mind that I'm incredibly racist.(note - faith and... read more


Faith Hill is on the cover of Shape magazine this month (full size picture here) in her first ever bikini photo shoot, all the more amazing because she’s about to turn 41. says...What gave her the bravery? Pilates."I could bend in ways I haven't been able to... read more


Faith Hill and her husband Tim McGraw were in concert in Lafayette, LA Saturday night when a female fan grabbed Tims crotch. And Faith didn’'t seem to like it. She said: "Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend. You don't go grabbin' somebody else's --... read more


The 40th annual Country Music Awards were held last night, and the big winners of the night were the Bedazzler and whoever makes those stickers of Calvin peeing on the Chevy emblem. But also Carrie Underwood, who put on her best rope belt and won the award for Best... read more