Abraham Family Portrait One For The Baby Book

If a picture tells a thousand words, some of the ones that come to mind in this new family memento from Farrah Abraham are: "Child Protective Services," "future drug addict," "current drug addict," "desperate," and, needless to say, "botched." Last night Abraham marched... read more

Emily Ratajkowski Rat-a-WOW-skis and Shit Around the Web

Guess the bikini hottie, Teen Mom cam shows, and more! read more

Farrah Abraham All That Vajazzle and Shit Around the Web

  Celebs in waist trainers, Selena Gomez see-through, and more! read more

Farrah Abraham's New Vag Gets Own Series

The world's favorite capitalistic ho train, Farrah Abraham, is further milking her lady parts for all they're worth with a new series that will center solely on her recent vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Those of you assuming this will be TLC's latest series to highlight... read more

Farrah Abraham Selling Used Panties, For Charity

The amount of ways women can earn income is almost unlimited. I wouldn't be able to fetch anywhere near the asking price Farrah Abraham is asking for a personal garment that has graced genitalia.  read more

Wonder Woman False Feminism and Soldering Farrah Abraham Vagina on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #99

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast, Matt and I deep semi-sober dive into the Colin Kaepernick media hyped controversy, wonder when Mansplaining shaming will ensure men never talk again, assume humanity is at a low point based on commonly available evidence, consider... read more

Farrah Abraham Insta Vag Rejuv (VIDEO)

In a new clip, Farrah Abraham sits down with a nineteen-year-old crunchy-haired sorority girl in a doctor's coat to talk about possible options for her exploded vag. And in some new pictures, we see Sara Fowler, aka "LA Laser Lady" smiling while working on Abraham's... read more

Farrah Abraham Model Whore

The modern-day working girl is known for seamlessly juggling the responsibilities of motherhood with being a whore, all while managing to look like a man. How does she do it? Abraham's highly contagious strain of fame is contingent on two things: Her butthole and her... read more

Farrah Abraham Cease and Desist

Farrah Abraham plays her role well. By default of men paying to see her sodomized, she's carved out the Teen Mom alum role of uppity diva. She plays to character by sparring with her fellow former high school easy girls over wanting so badly to be like her.  read more

Farrah Abraham Freshly Single

Farrah Abraham is that last icicle of the Spring melt. She's going to drip into non-existence before she ever lets go of that eave. The science of whoredom is fairly fascinating. read more

Farrah Abraham Is Slutty Santa Claus And Shit Around The Web

Human cum sponge Farrah Abraham dressed like a slutty Santa. She's bringing kids the clap for Christmas. read more

Farrah Abraham in A Bikini

Dating life is tough for a single mom. Single mom anal porn stars not nearly as bad. Farrah Abraham has been the "toughest case yet" for We channel's Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger who finds people who aren't really millionaires and creates artificial relationships... read more