Ellie Goulding Italian Bikini Vacay and Shit Around the Web

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Genevieve Morton Cheesecake Shots Are Her Burden to Carry

Being a bikini model at thirty requires numerous considerations about how to frame your continuing work as an actual career. That goes beyond the physical toll to maintain your shape. At some point it becomes about a profound rationale for your pending topless calendar. read more

Genevieve Morton Bikinis Like A Champ And Shit Around The Web

Genevieve Morton knows Instagram is for bikini shots. And ISIS terrorism recruitment. Someday the two shall merge. read more

Genevieve Morton Extreme Sideboob

I'd never tell a woman how to dress. If I did, I'd tell her to dress like this. If you notice how greasy her face is you're probably sexually fluid and should consider spending more on belts. This Owen Wilson movie has all the makings of a film that one guy you really... read more

Genevieve Morton in A Bikini

This chick really is my favorite. She's the hot blonde South African model that wasn't killed by Oscar Pistorious in the Blade Runner model murder roulette. She's using her second chance at life to show off her tits and ass in every single one of her home country's... read more

Genevieve Morton Poses In Bikinis

I don't know why women require eighty-two dozen bikini options each summer. You could probably do with three. The Model, the Average Girl, and the You Probably Shouldn't Be in a Bikini. Men only need five minutes to purchase a bathing suit. That includes check out and... read more

Genevieve Morton Poses Nude for Randall Slavin

This South African chick will do anything for attention. You think laying naked on a rocky beach is pleasant? You get a chunk of limestone up your cunny and you'll be wondering why you didn't take that weekend shift at the Johannesburg Chick-fil-A.  Ambition really is... read more

Genevieve Morton Topless In GQ

Genevieve Morton seems to be booking about five magazine shoots per day. She finished out last night with a racy nature pictorial for Ranger Rick. She's trying to earn enough coin to be smuggled over the giant wall they built around South Africa to contain all the rabid... read more

Genevieve Morton In Lingerie

I like this South African chick a lot. I'd like to think we could spend hours over drinks discussing how the trains ran on time under Apartheid before unlocking the seven deadbolts on her Johannesburg loft and making love like otters. Christ, just look at that body. She... read more

Genevieve Morton's Boobs Seem Smart

The rise of Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated photography sessions has been a huge boon for hot girls in South Africa. While these young women used to be limited to lives as the trophy wives of wealthy blood diamond purveyors and members of secret Afrikaner purity... read more

Genevieve Morton Isn't Wearing an Awful Lot

This South African chick is about to be airbrushed up to and including the wazoo in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. I felt it was my duty as Student Body President to share a look at her tits not technologically re-imagined. Someday, they won't even hire girls... read more

Genevieve Morton Models Lingerie For AW 2014 Panache

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