Jodie Sweetin Sweating Over Child Support

I heard women love when men are assertive and take charge. So I’m trying to figure out why Jodie Sweetin isn’t smiling when her ex-husband Morty Coyle is trying to strong arm her for more child support. read more

Jodie Sweetin DWTS Recovery

Thrice a year ABC releases the Ghost of Celebrities Past into the RV parks and shooting alleys around the nation in search of formerly on TV people to be their comeback stories on Dancing With the Stars. The casting process is something along the lines of, are her bed... read more

Fuller House Seems Compelling (VIDEO)

Several cast members of early 90's hit family sitcom Full House are reuniting for Fuller House because real life babies and meth habits don't pay for themselves. One important life lesson completely glossed over by dad in the original series. SAG residuals are nice, but... read more

Jodie Sweetin Says She's Not In Rehab

Stephanie Sweetin is denying reports that she is back in rehab, she merely lives at a rehab facility. Sweetin says she works at an LA rehab facility as a clinical logistics coordinator, (whatever the fuck that is), and that they are letting her stay... read more

Jodie Sweetin Facing Life's Challenges

STAY SOBER. That was the message John Stamos sent to Jodie Sweetin after she lamented 'life's challenges' on Twitter following her third divorce in ten years. I guess Stamos doesn't know you never ALL CAPS a meth addict. Might as well just shove the pipe in her mouth and... read more

sharon osbourne killed susan boyle (not literally)

Most celebrity interviews suck and no one ever says anything good because most celebrities are functional retards who only got where they are based on being pretty and you would smell hair burning if they ever had a thought. But put Sharon Osbourne in a studio with Opie... read more


Jodie Sweetin walked the red carpet last night, and suffice to say she looks a little different than she did on "Full House".  And by "different" I mean, "she went and bought giant boobs".  And god bless her.  Seeing a girl so devoted to self improvement is inspiring. ... read more