joslyn james says tito ortiz beat up jenna jameson

It's been hard to know who is telling the truth in the whole Jenna Jameson - Tito Ortiz domestic abuse story. On one hand, you have Tito, who has spent a lifetime learning how to inflict maximum damage to the human body with ruthless efficiency. On the other hand, you... read more

tuesday morning headlines

JOSLYN JAMES - is the porn star who thought she was in 'Pretty Woman' and she and Tiger Woods were gonna go to the polo match hand in hand. She "retired" from porn to hold press conferences to cry a lot and demand respect, but now she's going back to porn. Mission... read more

its the tiger woods sext messages

The second porn star that Tiger Woods had an affair with launched a web site today called Sexting Joslyn James, where she, as you might have guessed, reveals all the sexy text messages sent to her by TIger. Or so she claims. Her reputation sucks and many people including... read more

you have got to be god damn kidding me

If you spent most of your adult life carefully cultivating a respectable, almost antiseptic, reputation like Tiger Woods has, there would only be one thing worse than cheating on your beautiful wife with some dirty porn star. And that would be cheating on your beautiful... read more