Kate Gosselin is freaking out

If you don't know, 'Kate Plus 8' is a show about a mean self-centered lady has too many kids and then yells at them constantly. It was on for 6 years, and every single episode was about that. And as if there was any remaining doubt about what an unfit parent Kate... read more

Wednesday headlines

JAKE GYLLENHAAL AND TAYLOR SWIFT - broke up, and now that vindictive psychopath will no doubt try to embarrass him in one of her songs. "And people wonder why I'm gay," Jake will no doubt say to himself. (us.com) LINDSAY LOHAN - says she's not stalking her ex Sam Ronson,... read more

two of Kate Gosselin kids were expelled, pt. 2

Last month there was a report claiming that two of Kate Gosselins punk ass kids were expelled from school because they're violent little monsters, a report Gosselin adamantly denied on ET. "If I knew which kids were which I'd bring them out here and show you how sweet... read more

two of the Gosselin kids have been expelled from school

Wait, so, the Gosselin kids are acting out? Similar to what kids would do if they'd never had any decent parenting? Oh, gosh. No way. According to reports from In Touch, Collin and Alexis have been expelled from their Pennsylvania private school and are now being... read more

Kate Gosselin needs a mirror, the internet

Kate Gosselin went jogging, or "yogging", it might be a soft "j", yesterday near her house in Pennsylvania or wherever the hell it is she lives, and it was a good reminder that we all need to know our limits in life. For example, when I was a kid I dreamed of being a... read more

Kate Gosselin looks great. On magazine covers.

Knowing that she was on the cover of People magazine this week in a bikini, and that everyone would of course wonder if the picture was photoshopped, it was maybe not the best idea in the world for Kate Gosselin to go jogging yesterday in natural light and a top that... read more

wednesday headlines

RIHANNA AND CHRIS BROWN - might be reconciling. "It's been almost a year since they last spoke, but Rihanna felt like she could try to be friends with Chris again. Seeing how emotional he was [at the BET Awards] really touched her. She'd never seen him like that before."... read more

thursday morning headlines

MEL GIBSON - is heard calling an employee a 'wetback' on a recording made by his ex. "I will report her to the fucking people that take fucking money from the wetbacks," he says. Does he mean stores that sell rims? What can they do about Mexicans? (radar) LINDSAY LOHAN -... read more

kate gosselin might have gotten botox

Kate Gosselin is built like a Gummy Bear and she has an army of young children but please don't think that's gonna stop her from dressing like an embarrassment or getting enough botox to paralyze Godzilla. She looks like the Grinch. Us magazine says... ? Kate Gosselin... read more

happy easter from kate gosselin

Little kids love Easter because they get tons of candy and go on big scavenger hunts and run around like maniacs. It's a great day to be a kid. Unless you're mom is Kate Gosselin, who is a mean bitch that will yell at you all day. Literally no one on earth is less... read more

kate gosselin is still a delight on 'dancing with the stars'

Kate Gosselin is famous because she had a cable show called 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' and her condescending attitude was so relentless that her male partner couldn't take it anymore. But that's all changed. Now she does all that on ‘Dancing With The Stars'. During dance... read more

friday morning headlines

MICHAEL J. FOX - will be given an honorary doctorate in Sweden because he's raised $175M to find new drugs to treat Parkinsons. Preferably drugs that don't need to be injected so he doesn't bleed to death before he can even see if it works. (the AP) ANGELINA JOLIE - had... read more