Katharine McPhee Files For Divorce

When celebrities get divorced, they invariably announce they're remaining close friends and then they demand privacy. How about, I don't believe you and fuck no. If you were still close friends, you'd still be married. Though you might feel less friendly toward a wife... read more

this is gonna be a good movie

Kat McTits showed off a unique ability to never do anything right after she got done with “American Idol”.  She complained about her label, married some doofus twice her age (this dork) and generally just seemed annoying.  But she’s pretty and has a good voice and she did... read more


OK magazine says today that Katharine McPhee is now engaged to her boyfriend, this handsome devil.  And if you're thinking, "where is the handsome devil?  Behind her dad?  I want to see the handsome devil!"  No, no that's him.  For the record, she is 23, he is 42.  OK... read more