Katrina Bowden Does Pilates

Katrina Bowden keeps herself fit with Pilates and a diet that mimics the svelte Irish of the mid 19th century.. She burns calories dreaming of being cast as something other than a teen runway or ingenue. Typecasting as the hot blond in the hoodie can be limiting. Not as... read more

Katrina Bowden is the Sexiest Woman Alive

The mincing queens over at Esquire magazine have announced, prissily no doubt, that 30 Rock star Katrina Bowden (the granddaughter of legendary Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden) is your 2011 Sexiest Woman Alive. I guess they do this twice a year now. With a The... read more

katrina bowden is deceptive

I feel tricked by these pictures of '30 Rock' star Katrina Bowden in Miami this weekend, because she looks amazing in thumbnails, but only "good" in actual pictures. So maybe don't even open these pictures, and just enjoy the thumbnails. Or do open the pictures and then... read more