Katy Perry Back Banging Bloom

With Katy claiming to kiss girls and like it, no one knows why her heterosexual relationships keep failing. read more

Katy Perry's Songs Make Her Cry, Hair Is Politically Liberating, Whatever

"Everything is more fun with short hair! I can just get up and go. I feel so liberated with this hair now. In general, I feel 360-degrees liberated—all around." read more

Katy Perry Lesbian On A Boat

This weekend former pop sensation Katy Perry was caught lurking around the waters of Capri, Italy in an off-the-shoulder bathing suit looking like the miscarried love child of Jamie Lee Curtis and Bamm-Bamm. Her expression even says "I've had one too many Activia... read more

John Mayer Passes on Katy Perry Sex Gold

John Mayer took a pass when asked about Katy Perry's comment that he was better in the sack than Orlando Bloom and a couple other celebrities Katy Perry has fucked. Or largely a pass. read more

Katy Perry In Search of Meaning

Katy Perry's failed, frenetic media blitz for her new album Witness mirrors Lady Gaga's similar thinly-veiled hawking for Artpop. But Gaga has all the soul and vulnerability of a hedge fund manager.  read more

Katy Perry Weekend Confessional For Remaining Fans

Katy Perry crammed a lifetime's worth of publicity stunts into one weekend thanks to the Big Brother-style live stream promotion of her new album Witness. She divulged her suicidal thoughts, best celebrity fucks, and cultural appropriation woes during scheduled interviews... read more

Taylor Swift Is Tip Top Bitch

Katy Perry is nuts in the news with her new album release. Not everybody is happy. For instance, anybody with musical taste. Also Taylor Swift who takes her industry feuds as dead serious as Suge Knight. Only she doesn't like to touch people. read more

Katy Perry Live Stream For Lost Steam (VIDEO)

Katy Perry is live streaming her life on YouTube until Monday. Cameras set up around her house capture the former pop sensation doing everything from sleeping to drinking coffee. With the highlight so far being her intimate rendition of Fireworks while taking a dump in... read more

Katy Perry Says a Ton of Stupid

There's some unchallenged belief that commercially successful music artists are intelligent. Whereas the actual spectrum of smarts among the top selling pop stars likely matches the bell curve of the rest of society. read more

Katy Perry, Migos Fake News Victims

Katy Perry's ultra-progressive appearances with hip-hop group Migos and a gaggle of drag queens on SNL was marred by rumors that Migos refused to perform with the queens. Not as comfortable as Perry with exploiting a marginalized group to buttress a waning career. read more

Katy Perry Killing the Fap

One of the lesser noticed elements of the 2016 Presidential election was how all the female celebrities who pushed for Hillary committed with their own lady boy cropped hair cut. read more

Katy Perry Explains Her Beef

You had to know that when Katy Perry finally explained her pop star feud with Taylor Swift, it was going to be far less than interesting to a grown up.  read more