Kardashian Victims The Hollywood Reporter Interview

The Hollywood Reporter must have had some extra black dicks lying around, and some cheesecake for Khloé, because they were able to lure almost the entire Kardashian/Jenner klan (Caitlyn was off making America great again) to one place for a new photoshoot and interview.... read more

Ariel Winter Bath Tits And Other Shit Around The Web

Ariel Winter monster cleavage, nude Teri Hatcher, Kendall Jenner housing stock, and more! read more

Kendall Jenner, Just the Tip

Strippers are really the only people that always deserve tips. It takes courage to take your clothes off seven days a week. Not because you want to. But because your toddler Timmy is hungry. read more

Topless Kendall Can Do Without A Bra

Advertisements are getting artsier, and art is figurative and mostly abstract by nature. That means the oversized flowers in the backdrop are meant to represent the oversized measurements of her vagina. read more

For $25, Kendall Jenner Will Feed You Unmarked Ads

Capitalism is an all or nothing kind of religion. Any attempt to categorize certain money grubbing enterprise as shameless whoring, is a condemnation of the whole system. You can't believe only half the miracles in The Bible. read more

Kendall Jenner Jet Lag Undertits

This weekend Kendall Jenner bravely shared her raggedy jet lagged body on Instagram in a shirt that's downright modest for the Jenndashian clan. Someone's on her way to church. We've already seen all that Jenner has to offer, but that isn't stopping her from teasing her... read more

Kendall Jenner Stalker Restraining Order

Those of you perplexed by who follows Kendall Jenner will be marginally interested to know that the answer is: Stalkers. Literally following her. Not black people looking for trend-forward t-shirts as previously suspected. The Daily Mail even claims that Kendall Jenner is... read more

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Sued

Lacking any schooling, the Jenner girls believe the associate property means they can steal Tupac photos for their licensed merchandise merely because they've fucked a bunch of other black rappers. Math jokes never work. Neither does violating copyright laws. read more

Kendall And Kylie Fuck Up B.I.G.

Did you know that gunshot wounds are the number one leading cause of the idolization of misogynistic homophobic gang affiliated rappers? Know your facts. Most rap music teaches important lessons to future generations, most notably, shoot before they shoot you. read more

Amanda Lee's Big Ass Instagram and Shit Around the Web

Plus Halle Berry, Eliza Dushku on all fours, and more! read more

Kendall Jenner Now Adidas

The Jenners and Hadids have quietly taken over the sportswear figurehead space formerly owned by athletes. If Lavar Ball is going to keep his kids from being kowtowed by the sneaker companies to the tune of twenty million, these opportunistic whores are moving in. read more

Vanessa Hudgens Nipping Out and Shit Around the Web

The Bunny Ranch, photoshoot nip slips, and more! read more