Kim Cattrall Misidentified

Kim Cattrall was misidentified as hunky metrosexual Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's mother this Sunday on 60 Minutes. A picture of Cattrall with Trudeau's father, Pierre, from 1981 was mistakenly shown. A friendly reminder of Trudeau senior's womanizing. No one... read more

Kim Cattrall Isn't Childless

Nobody will accept labels of any kind any more. Nobody's fat or drunk or stupid or slow anymore. They've all got some euphemism that you circumvent and find yourself Twitter fucked in the least. Kim Cattrall who you may know from Sex and the City or movies in the 80's... read more

who's that sexy young thing

Are these science fiction movies or something? Because yesterday Kim Cattrall filmed a flashback scene for the 'Sex and the City' sequel, and it would seem she plays someone who was an old lady 25 years ago yet is still somehow alive today. Is she immortal?  Is she some... read more


Last night was the New York premier of this summers hottest movie, "Sex and the City".  After all this Indian Joe and Iron Man nonsense, it will be nice to finally see something based in reality.  In this case, a movie where the hottest guys in New York are lining up to... read more