Ella Ross' Rockin' Midriff and Shit Around the Web

Halle Berry naked Instagram post (DrunkenStepfather) Robin Tunney throws shade at Miss USA (TMZ) Pascal Craymer braless in see-through blouse (TaxiDriverMovie) Frida Aasen shows her ass n' more (EgotasticAllStars) Ella Ross rocks a bare midriff on the town (Egotastic) ... read more

Free Willy

Sometimes, I take a bite into my tuna sandwich and I can taste the oppression of man's domination over the seas. Also, a hint of cadmium isotopes from Fukushima. Quite delightful really. The good and decent human hating folks at PETA want to remind everyone that fish are... read more

Laura Vandervoort is an awesome Supergirl

According to wikipedia, 'Smallville' is still on the air, and in fact began it's 10th season earlier this week. That seems hard to believe, but either way, the CW sent out some new pictures of Laura Vandervoort looking fantastic as Supergirl. She looks so good I wanna... read more