Leslie Jones Brings Out the Trolls' Trolls

Leslie Jones takes a ton of shit on social media because she's a loud, large, unattractive, black woman. She also had to suffer through a hack of her website and iCloud and revealing photos of her or random headless assplay photos of other black women along with Jones'... read more

Twitter Doesn't Quite Get It

The preferred social media tool of jihadists and eco-terrorists, Twitter banned supercilious Breitbart blogger Milo Yiannopoulos. He's the gay British one who writes inflammatory shit online to get attention. So what everybody without teenaged fans or tits has to do to... read more

Leslie Jones Wants Her Money

As Hollywood racial and gender politics continues to consume itself, Leslie Jones is now responding to criticism that she she's playing the token black Ghostbuster in the upcoming token all-female Ghostbusters remake. Much like Ernie Hudson in the original Ghostbusters,... read more