Maria Menounos Spilling Out

That body on a Greek woman says Maria Menounos could've run a shipping empire or commanded a legion of uneducated workers in Peru knitting sleeveless tops for fat women. She opted for fake giggles and feigning interest in Katy Perry dating rumors. It's hard to watch... read more

Samantha Hoopes Wins Entourage Premiere

It's hard to believe they're still making movies showcasing hot girls in a digital age when you can click to Egotastic and see the same actresses naked. The soundtrack will be hot too. You can get all that on Spotify in eleven seconds. Entourage came up in in 2004 before... read more

Maria Menounos Has Ass Will Travel

Maria Menounos celebrated her new show that will be exactly like her old show by wearing a skintight skirt in front of TV critics at the NBCUniversal gig. My thoughtful assessment of Maria's new show is that I'd like to take Maria over my knee and spank the collagen in... read more

Maria Menounos To Leave Extra, Or Not

Maria Menounos is either leaving her gig on Extra or not. According to highly almost never reliable Page Six, Maria's contract isn't being renewed because she's a diva who hates AC Slater and is asking for too much money. That all seems pretty logical to me. Maria's fall... read more

Maria Menounos Desperate to Get One Male Viewer

I'm worried that if I watch I ever watch Extra, my balls will shrivel up like a time lapse clip on how grapes are made into raisins. Even the rugged presence of AC Slater can't elevate that show to baseline masculine viewing standards. Still, they've got Maria Menounos... read more

Maria Menounos Has Stamina

Back in the day, you could spy on a woman getting out of her gym clothes and if you got caught, you might receive a shriek or a smack in the face. Now you get arrested, jailed, and put up on a website as a blue dot for the rest of your life. You end up pulling the... read more

Maria Menounos Had A Nice Vacation

Extra host Maria Menounos has been enjoying a little quality vacation time down in Los Cabos, and it certainly looks like she's benefiting from the rest and relaxation. Just look at how she smiles as she realizes that she's being photographed in her bikini, almost as if... read more

Maria Menounos In A Bikini in Greece

I bet when Maria Menounos goes back to Greece everybody treats her like a conquering hero. She's off in America working with Slater from Saved by the Bell. She got to go the Kardashian baby shower. But maybe some people are just haters. Call her, Big City Maria. Talk... read more

Maria Menounos As Grand Marshall Of Gay Pride Parade

I was halfway through the Tony Awards yesterday when I realized I was watching the L.A. Gay Pride Parade. It was a spirited event. That one day a year when gay men and women in West Hollywood get to come out from behind the repressive shadow of the gay unfriendly people... read more

Maria Menounos Has Tight Genes

I wonder what it must be like to be a chick like Maria Menounos. To come out of your mama with the destiny of looking incredibly hot your entire life. She was probably the cute girl who got all the compliments back in school. Then the teen beauty queen. The adult woman... read more

Maria Menounos Too Good Looking for Chick Television

Maria Menounos should be hosting a television show for straight males. While I'm sure she's got great on-screen presence, connects well with women, and can giggle like she really means it when interviewing Snooki, her true talents are being wasted by not being beamed... read more

Maria Menounos Is Good Looking, Does Yoga

Women who try to talk sports and act like they're "just one of the guys" are possibly the most miserable kind of people on earth to be around. I'd rather drag my tongue across Bruce Vilanch's taint for an entire game than put up with any of their commentary. Unless of... read more