Kate Hudson Is Charitably Minded

Kate Hudson holds the Baby2Baby Gala every year in Los Angeles. I believe it raises money for women who get knocked up by multiple rock stars. The word 'baby' in any charity provides extensive leeway into nobody asking where the hell their check is going. It's called... read more

Molly Sims In A Bikini Poolside In Miami

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, PCN, Splash [gallery ids="1696372,1696382,1696392,1696402,1696412,1696442,1696432,1696452,1696462,1696472"] read more

Molly Sims In A Bikini At The Beach In Miami

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, Splash [gallery ids="1694832,1694842,1694852,1694862,1694872,1694882,1694892,1694902,1694912"] read more

Molly Sims is pregnant

Remember actress and Sports Illustrated model Molly Sims? I'm assuming the answer is yes, because she was famous, and I just reminded you about her. Anyway, Us magazine has "breaking news" this afternoon saying she's pregnant. So, if you're the one who did that to her,... read more

Molly Sims got married, put on a bikini

Remember Molly Sims? She was a huge supermodel like 10 years ago. Not physically huge, she's of normal height and weight, but huge in the sense that she was very popular. Well hopefully you didn't want to marry her, because some guy named Scott Stuber already did that.... read more

Molly Sims is in Mexico too

Molly Sims is yet another famous Hollywood star down in Mexico this week, Los Cabos in her case (Cindy Crawford is there too but not in a bikini so fuck her), so if you felt like robbing a bunch of houses in the Hollywood Hills, this might be a pretty good time. (source... read more

molly sims was in a bikini

Yesterday in Miami, Sports Illustrated supermodel Molly Sims went to the beach, and it first it didn't look like she was gonna wade into the water. But then she did wade into the water. After that, she changed her mind and got out. Awesome, huh? They should make a movie... read more