Nikki Cox And Jay Mohr Are Making Everybody Horny

Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox have been married since 2006, but judging by the picture above they're already on their way to being retired grandparents in the Florida panhandle. Seriously, she's only 34-years old, yet she looks like she should be starring on a new reality show... read more


Do plastic surgeons take that Hippocratic oath pledging to do no harm to their patients?  Because whoever has been working on Nikki Cox needs to look himself in the mirror and do some soul searching.  She should use the plastic surgeon I go to.  You can't even see the... read more


Nikki Cox is famous because she used to look like this.  Now she looks like this.  Needless to say, I have a few questions for Nikki Cox.1.    What in the hell is wrong with you?Okay I guess I only have one question for Nikki Cox, but honestly, what the fuck has she done... read more