Paulina Rubio Takes a Leak

A photographer caught Mexican pop star Paulina Rubio whizzing into the Atlantic from off her yacht harbored in Miami. Paulina was polite enough to give herself a little Atlantic clam splash after her tinkle. The paparazzo did what any man would do when he has a... read more

Paulina Rubio is kind of hot

Paulina Rubio is back in Ibiza, Spain this week, and she must love it there because she was there this time last year too. I think she's still a huge star in Latin America, but that's really just a guess. I ran a search on her to find out for sure but it turns out she... read more


I don't actually know who Paulina Rubio is.  I think she's Mexican.   According in INF Daily, she spent the "afternoon swimming and tanning with her husband Nicolas Vallejo Najera in Ibiza (Spain) today".  If I were working in a swimsuit store near this and her husband... read more