Rebel Wilson Won Legal Lottery

According to Bauer Media the only thing authentic about Rebel Wilson was her obesity.  She lied about everything else like age and real name. And the kicker was some body positivity judge actually sided with Wilson and awarded her $4.5 million dollars.  read more

Rebel Wilson Asked to Butt Finger Unnamed Actor

“A male star, in a position of power asked me to go into a room with him and then asked me repeatedly to stick my finger up his ass." read more

Little Shop Of Horrible Remakes

How does the plant Audrey II and lead actress Rebel Wilson have the same insatiable appetite and both take up three-quarters of any room they walk into. Add Josh Gad to that equation and you're going to need a really wide angle lens.  read more

Rebel Wilson Is A Winner

Rebel Wilson took home a victory in her civil case in Australia against Bauer Media whose gossip magazine she claimed called her a liar on numerous occasions and "stained her reputation". Reputation is all a man or obscenely large woman has in this world. It's priceless. ... read more

Rebel Wilson Wants Her Dignity Back

Rebel Wilson went looking for an excuse as to why her catty obese chick roles in Hollywood dried up and ended up launching a defamation suit against Woman's Day magazine. She claims the gossip rag falsely accused her of lying about her name, age, and upbringing. read more

Sacha Baron Cohen Disrespects Unemployed White Drunk Soccer Fans

The New York Post has published an article criticizing Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie, The Brothers Grimsby, for being racist and insensitive toward impoverished white people. The article talks about Cohen's privileged upbringing and his mocking of the soccer hooligan,... read more

Kardashian Rapid Whore Response Team Targets Rebel Wilson

It's been documented by people with lots of free time how Kris Jenner and her team have gone after unfriendlies in the media, targeting their jobs, their reputations, and killing some with Armenian neckties, which I think are just neckties with massive gold highlights.... read more

Rebel Wilson Doesn't Think Black Lives Matter

Rebel Wilson took hardcore Twitter grief from the BlackLivesMatter hashtaggers for making light of recent police brutality with her lame bit on the MTV show about the brutality of police strippers. It's funny, because it's a play on words, until Rebel Wilson starts... read more

Rebel Wilson Full Of It

Rebel Wilson was exposed by an Australian tabloid for lying about her name and age. It turns out her given name is not Rebel Wilson, but the much more fitting Melanie Elizabeth Bownds. If this comes as a shock to you you're most likely a nine year old in Queensland... read more

Has Rebel Wilson Found True Love?

Plus-size actress Rebel Wilson has quickly rocketed to fame as the funniest actress in such films as Pain and Gain and Pitch Perfect, and she took her biggest bite out of stardom to date when she hosted the MTV Movie Awards back in April. And while some people might... read more