Ruby Rose Hates All Haters

Ruby Rose went from looking like the Backstreet Boy that never was to Christopher Walken in a sequin dress after skipping a week’s worth of meals. And just like every other woman on this planet she’s upset over mean things people are saying about her appearance and... read more

Katy Perry Hates Taylor Swift

Pop music star battles are the encephalitic younger cousins of rap star battles. Just smile and hand it that balloon it keeps staring at. read more

C'mon, Australia, They're Already Fucking, Let Them Be Married for a Year or Two

Chicks still can't marry other chicks in Australia. Something you don't hear a lot about from the tourism board. Also, koalas bite and carry rabies. You don't need sixteen hours without Wi-Fi to get to that. read more

Ruby Rose Wet Play (VIDEO)

For all the over-saturation of lesbians in contemporary media, there's no denying they're far less annoying to take on vacation. Tattoo covered Australian model and gender fluid cause celebre Ruby Rose took a jellyfish lash to the thorax dipping off the yacht in Ibiza.... read more

Ruby Rose Mean To The Help

Ruby Rose admits she threw some french fries at her server and also that she's a not very interesting person who has a short haircut. She insists it was totally justified because they took a long time to bring out her food and then offered to buy the table a round of... read more

Ruby Rose Gender Fluidity Statement Undeniably Spoken

The MTV European Music Awards combine the underaged moron target of regular MTV with the acoustically insipid quality of European popular music. Ruby Rose, the boyish Australian model with a vagina, hosted the event and opened the show by uniting, not diving. Ladies and... read more

Ruby Rose Claimed She Had Sex With Demi Lovato

Of all the carbon copy female pop stars that have come and gone, Demi Lovato has always seemed like the blandest, most milquetoast and vanilla pudding of them all, because aside from cutting herself and going to rehab, I can't name a single noteworthy thing that she's... read more